Family Recovery has not only enhanced my ability to maintain my recovery for over 28 years, but has also enriched each of our lives. How?  Addiction creates pain, confusion, chaos and trauma with in the whole family system. Often, we see a disease that has affected many generations.  So it only makes sense we want to help the whole family when addressing the problems. Giving each person a voice, an understanding of the role addiction has played in their lives and a path to heal in moving forward. 

When going through my treatment process and entering into recovery, the treatment team encouraged the my family to join in the process; as a whole and individually. Little did we know how blessed we were to be presented healing through the Systemic Model of treatment. We walked into recovery together and as I stated, I am confident, as the alcoholic / addict, this approach strengthen my ability to maintain long term success in my recovery. 

Let’s fast forward to my career as a professional in the field of addiction. My recovery guided my educational path in helping others. Always focusing my services through the family systems model. I provide an approach combining experiential processes through the family systems. Why, because it works!  Initially, provided these services in my private practice and as a program director. Later on in my career, I shifted my full  focus to provide Interventions and Family Recovery Coach services.. 

As a professional in the field for over 25 and as an Interventionist I’ve personally walked with many families through the pain they face when addiction hits home. Often, after an intervention, I’d transport the alcoholic / addicted one across states to enter into a facility. Even though I had completed an intensive family and friends day prior to the intervention, I still felt the families were being left behind. This observation was my motivation to create my “Family Recovery Coaching” Program (FRC). 

Today, I’m dedicated to providing a process where families are never left behind. Instead, they are encouraged to explore the value of education and a personal shift in their own lives. Statistics validate the success rate of our loved ones recovery when families participate side by side in the process.

My concierge Family Recovery Coaching Program assists families in the comfort of their own home.  I educate and counsel the family with facts, provide an understanding of how addiction affects each family member, explore the possible trauma addiction has brought into your lives, introduce new coping and enhanced communication skills, boundary setting and I encourage self care for all. Service are provided while your loved one’s in treatment and in coordination with their treatment center to allow the whole family time to come together no mater what the distance. It truly does Take A Family.