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Interventions are a professionally facilitated service which should include educating and preparing individuals to address a family member, friend or perhaps a colleague struggling with  unhealthy behaviors and / or  addiction.  An intervention involves family and friends addressing the  loved one's struggles in self-destructive behaviors due to alcoholism, substance abuse, shopping, gambling or stressful mental health issues such as  PTSD, or Mood Disorders. As your interventionist, I will educate and assist everyone involved to respectfully and effectively address the clients denial and fears as well as provide a solution. It is with Love, Care and Concern that we are able to shift out of a problem and into a solution. This is a two day process.  I am not a "fly by night" interventionist, in addition to being a licensed addictions counselor, I am certified nationally with the  Certified Intervention Professionals (CIP).  Just as each individual and family hold similar scenerio's they are also hold clear differences in their situations. For that reason, I have professional training in the various models of interventions to provide the most appropriate services necessary to secure positive results,  Over the years, I have  worked with numerous centers and a reputable agencies nation wide.  I am proud to say I have facilitated over a 1000 interventions. My straight forward but, heart-felt approach promotes success on many levels. Addiction is a family disease and therefore, it is crucial the intervention be as much for the family and friends as it is for the one being intervened on.  During my time working with you this process I  assist the family in exploring treatment options and various facilities. Additionally once your loved one has agreed to enter treatment, I personally transport them to the center. I provide after care by being available in your life long healing.  Help is ongoing and communications extend past the initial intervention to everyone one involved.



A concierge Service PROVIDED FOr the Family ~ uniquely facilitated IN the HOME                                                             OR  the TREATMENT CENTER Settings 

Perhaps you are seeking a PROFESSIONAL COUNSELOR to assist your family in your personal journey in understanding and addressing the disease of addictions and the effects to your life.  As a professional of over 25 years, I provide individualized Family Intensive Coaching / Workshops. The sessions explore family and generational  dynamics at various levels. We address the families issues, trauma and recovery path around addiction. Areas of discussion include but are not limited to: family recovery, relapse prevention, communication skills, problems solving, co-dependency, healthy boundaries and any additional issues that may arise as we assess your specific challenges.  In order to provide this unique service, I travel directly to your specific location to provide family services. This is a four day process and designed specifically to fit your schedule and family. This service is proved when your loved one is in treatment or after your loved one returns home. If a family chooses, aftercare is provided as a three month process of weekly communications to assist in maintaining a healthy status. 


I have years of experience as Program Director combined with my  Counseling and Human Resource background which provides me specialized insight and skills as a program developer. Whether it's developing for a focus group and / or staff development  -  I have managed it all! Additionally,  I provide intensive educational and family workshops for various self help programs, facilities, corporations. These services are provided on r two to four format family  enhancement weekends for treatment centers . I have a passion for program development and have specialized skills in programs such as:  Sober Living Environments, Halfway Houses, Domestic Violence Centers and Corporations. I  have presented numerous  seminars and workshops in areas such as  Stress Management, Family Systems, and  Personal Growth. 

  • Personal Awareness:  "Who Am I"
  • Stress Management:  "Wellness From Within", Intensive  
  • Group and Family  Processing:  "Am I Caring or Am I Rescuing
  • Personal Growth
  • Addictions
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Unhealthy Life Choices and Patterns
  • Stress Management
  • Codependency
  • Retreats
  • Public Speaking and Corporate Seminars
  • Treatment Providers : Individual, Group or Family Enhancement Weekends                                                                

Licensed Counselor Consulting Services For Families and Treatment Centers

As a Licensed Addictions Counselor, I provide my Addictions Counseling services to Focus Groups, Recovery Centers, Retreat Centers, Corporations and Sober Living environments nationwide.  I can assist your group through experiential workshops or your center as adjunct counselor providing individual and group services.  I provide experiential work and love the opportunity to provide individual or group sessions with your client base or as a staff enhancement service. 

 Additionally, if you have a staff member out on vacation, short leave of absence, or find yourself in the middle of hiring or staffing issues and want to insure your clients individual or group needs are being addressed, I will be happy to assist by providing  individual or group services.  You can feel secure in my ability to "jump in" and fill the gaps.  If you are looking for an experienced professional counselor that will come to your area and work with a family member (s) to provide intensive short term ( 1 to 4 weeks) addressing addictions, family systems , grief, or life changes and challenges, I am available!

Service / Fees: 

All fees are set according to the specific services. Fees may vary as needed with regard to client base, specific area of need, components provided,  and length of service. All services are available throughout the United States