If you are reading this you likely have a loved one with a serious drug/alcohol problem—and nothing you have tried has worked.                                                                                                                                                                        That was the situation in our family in which my wife absolutely refused treatment.   My wife’s life had consisted of daily drinking and hydrocodone abuse; her life only turned around with Patty's assistance. She was instrumental in convincing my wife to immediately enroll in an in-patient treatment center.  Patty never rushed, she spent the necessary time preparing myself and my college-age children for our roles in assisting with the intervention. In dealing with my wife during the intervention, she was patient, yet ever persistent that the intervention would only conclude with Patty driving my spouse to the in-treatment center--which she did.  

My wife has now been sober for seven months.  Sober, she is the person I had married. While choosing the right treatment center is important, as is follow-up with AA or NA, without an excellent successful interventionist such as Mrs. Peters, your loved one’s life cannot begin to be change.  Good luck.



Drugs and alcohol ruin so many lives. I personally have been affected by this problem since I was a teenager. I hate how it has robbed me from the sweetness of life. But, I am also grateful how different I am because of my strong awareness of such a problem.  My family and I have had counseling by Patty after an intervention with a family member.  She is truly a gift from God to me.  I suffered from severe internal anger that was present for years. She helped me to see this and helped me to let go of my anger. For me, I was extremely receptive to her help. Today, I am not angry, nor ashamed, nor guilty because of how drugs and alcohol have been present in my life.  I did not cause this problem and I most definitely cannot control it.  I believe that the brain is a mystery.  My hope is that new research programs will start to pop up all over the world.  Why do we continue to self-destruct with drugs and alcohol?   

I am grateful for people such as Patty who are so devoted to there calling.  If Patty did not come into my families life I do not know where we would be today. I believe it takes persistence to want to help your loved one find themselves again.  Never ever give up on anyone.  Ask God to help send you the RIGHT person, and He will. There are so many organizations (whom I have been involved with because of my family member's negative choices) and I have been extremely disappointed in with their help for my loved one. Keep seeking for that right person with a caring heart.  

Patty, I am grateful for you and your experiences in life. Through these experiences, you have taught me that I can live again. I will never turn my back on my loved one. I just know so much more about how to deal with the issues that may come my way. I thank God for you every time I think of you."



Two Dreams, Outer Banks                                                                              August 16, 2012                          

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my pleasure to provide a letter of recommendation on behalf of Patricia Peters.  I can honestly say that Patricia and her work made a huge positive impact on the clients and on the treatment program. 

Patricia’s role at Two Dreams was in the clinical setting as an auxiliary therapist.  She facilitated interventions used to promote growth and change.  Her capabilities were apparent almost immediately.  Client’s comments were overwhelmingly positive after intense sessions with Patricia and the clinical staff became aware of amazing positive shifts.  Her guidance-helped clients gain insight and really begin the hard work of making changes and thinking in a new way.

Patricia’s best efforts and talents were used in the techniques she used in dealing with the client’s trauma issues.  Her work made a tremendous difference in an outcome of elevating the current symptoms of trauma clients were reporting as well as their report of freedom from the trauma symptoms after her facilitated sessions.  This release took place on both an emotional, and spiritual level.  As clients were able to finally release and let go of the negativity they were holding on to, they were able to involve in therapy in a deeper and richer manner. 

Patricia maintained an enthusiastic attitude and professional demeanor in daily interactions with clients, a population not easy to work with much of the time. However, Patricia always had the clients’ recovery in mind and made sure to make every encounter and activity with them a positive one. She always went above and beyond what was asked of her and rightfully gained the trust of all staff and clients.

Patricia’s virtues extend far beyond her professional qualifications; she is a true pleasure to work with.  One of our therapist’s describes Patricia as “intelligent, dynamic, always taking initiative, and personable.”  She is a team player while being highly autonomous, and has developed meaningful relationships with clients and staff alike.  

An important unexpected bonus of working with Patricia was her impact on the staff at Two Dreams.  Much of what the client’s experienced the staff experienced the same.  Her contagious enthusiasm and positivity energy encourages others in what we all know to be a stressful work environment.  She has an ability to re-energize those around her.

Given Patricia's significant impact during her time with us, we certainly desire to keep her connected to our center and our clients.  I can only say that rarely have I seen one individual make such a large contribution to this important work. Please feel free to contact if you have any lingering questions or if I can be of assistance in any way

Sincerely,    Sidney Miltz,                                                                                                                                                    

Clinical Director, Two Dreams, Outer Banks

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“Patty did a remarkable job for us in an extremely difficult situation.  Her professionalism and experience were not only invaluable, she resolved our situation much faster and with far better results than we ever imagined.  I don’t know what we would have done without her.  We’d use her again without reservation.”

Paul D.


Patty Peter’s ~ A Trusted Counselor and Friend                                                         

As a single mother of two and just trying to survive, several bad, mentally and verbal relationships, I was lucky enough to meet Patty. I remember the day my mother and sister "made me" go seek help. It was over ten years ago when they took me to a women’s shelter and that is where I met Pat Peters. After a couple of weeks of one-on-one sessions, she helped me open my eyes and see my life. She helped me look at my life patterns of abandonment and abuse.  After a few meetings, she  asked me to attend the women’s group that she facilitated. I was scared, but it was there I realized that I was not crazy and that other people were going through the same struggles as myself. The group work was great!

After a lot of hard work looking at myself, and Patty helping me to learn some new tools, I was able to quit crying and to think positively about myself.  Working with you Patty, was the best thing I ever did for myself. I learned a lot about why I behaved and reacted to things in life the way I did. I learned about my ‘life scripts”, and the “light bulb went off”.  Life changed for me. Now I realize now I am a good, loving, giving person and deserve a good life. It took time putting everything you taught me into my life. I’ve made mistakes but today I have the awareness and courage to stop getting into bad patterns or bad relationships. I realize it’s better to be alone then be in an abusive relationship.

Today I am happy, confident and very comfortable with myself. I would recommend Patty anyone, if you have nowhere to turn and your life is shattered, to do the work. There is happiness after the pain and sadness.     I can’t thank you and God enough!! Thanks for being there!

Christine A.  – Indiana